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We are passionate about interactivity and we firmly believe that interactivity and customer engagement is the next big opportunity for us and our clients. It can be as simple as using SMS and we have many ideas on how to use SMS technology with Digital Signage:

  • Branding – surveys related to the product and the service brands. You can also use it to send additional information to the viewer about a specific product
  • Polling – give your audience a poll to participate and enhance the user experience
  • Auctions – silent auctions for various products and services and display results on the screens in real time
  • Juke Boxes – your customers don’t need to walk anywhere, they can simply sit at their table and change the songs
  • Coupons – send relevant and targeted coupons to those that want it


It can be special customized web links that redirect our customers to destinations and/or campaigns we want them to go. It can also be the promotion of eshops through digital screens placed at key locations thereby creating sales for online shops offline. Interactivity also involves social media either as a way of obtaining databases as well as promoting all the social media activities of a company. MadinMedia supports in terms of sensor a wide variety of hardware and technologies, from camera-based systems and proximity sensors all the way to touch sensors and product mounts. Finally new innovative technologies such as Beacons , NFC etc… are also part of proposal in the marketplace and we are working with the right partners to achieve any objective that our client desires.