Visual Media & Digital Signage

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We provide a future-proof digital signage solution. We design, produce, install, broadcast and operate digital signage systems for retailers, gas station, supermarkets, restaurants, train stations and shopping malls. We design to fit in with our clients instore merchandising, brand values and also give dynamic content to inspire their customers. When recommending a full digital communication system we need to take a holistic view on the client’s objectives and look into all parts of the digital communication system. One key factor that is lifting our service is heavy pre-study analysis with our clients to make sure we reach the KPI goals and bring topline ROI.

The variation of content relative to the location is something we always bear in mind. Each site is unique and requires its own strategy to communicate successfully.

Digital signage is a proven sales driver and an effective way of building brand awareness and influencing customer behaviour. You can adapt the communication with dayparts, segment to different groups and work with storytelling and brand building. This gives a powerful communication channel that is always relevant.

Integration with content services, news feeds stock availability and CRM as well as sales promotional campaigns makes the content more dynamic and when you are in control of what to show at a specific time, you can tailor your communication to different target groups. Dynamic content is possible through integration with your back end or social media.