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MadinMedia is focused on helping our clients to select the right in store music or retail radio station to match your brand’s personality. Our passion is getting to know businesses and profiling music to perfectly fit their brands. This is an essential part of getting the right mix of in store music to keep your customers coming back.

Copyright Music
You will have access to a library of well over 100,000 tracks and always growing. We are always adding new chart hits and other tracks that we feel would suit one or more of our clients. In addition, the online portal includes a built-in request function so that you can ask us to source a track, album or artist that we don’t already have.We are the pioneers of the custom music curation process offering the highest quality custom music service available today. MadinMedia has created music identities and enhanced customer experiences through music for over 100 topbrands. We help brands deliver a unique and memorable customer experience through music. We achieve this by using only human curated music. All songs are hand selected by our team of professional music stylists. Our custom music playlists do not use any pre-programmed content and we do not use algorithms for song selection.
• Once the music is curated and playlists are sequenced, all songs are run through our proprietary music normalization and optimization software to ensure even volume levels, flawless cross-fades and crisp sounding music playback.
• Each music program is automated to change playlists by day-part such as Breakfast/Morning, Lunch/Afternoon, Dinner/Evening and Weekend Playlists.
• All custom music playlists are controlled, played and updated via our specialized personnel You can build bespoke playlists by searching for specific tracks using parameters including title, artist, genre (e.g. blues, hip-hop, jazz, etc.), year of release, highest chart position, tempo and much more. Many clients want to take things a bit easier, though, and make use of our pre-compiled playlists. At the heart of these are a selection of popular playlists that are automatically updated by our music curators whenever suitable new music is released.

Allinclusive Copyright Music
Our pre-cleared worldwide Pre-Cleared music catalogue of high quality tracks spans almost every style and genre. Our licensing model allows you to avoid those expensive Copyright Fees without compromising on musical standards.We currently provide Pre-Cleared background music to 500+ stores. Our client portfolio consists of globally renowned brands. Our service gives them an edge over their competition by offering our cost saving opportunities, bespoke music services and tailored playlists to perfectly reflect their brand image and identity.

In-store Messaging
Messaging is a marketing service that gives a company the ability to communicate directly with their customers and employees – in a human voice. A message is a branded voice-over audio recording that can be scheduled and then broadcast to any business.From promotional advertisements to team member announcements, MadinMedia specializes in creating customized messages that can be scheduled to play in-store, on-hold, on internet streaming radio, and mobile devices.